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all hail the big jim Empty all hail the big jim

Post by bigjim on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:45 pm

all hail the big jim April711

Hi all my name is the shameless big jim aka little jim.

I have been promoting the rejectbeats crew for the last three years and as you can see that means doing anything to spread the word and love.

At the end of last year i started having blackouts at RB events and woke up the following morning with a splitting headache, after numerous doctors examanations include internal and external.

I found my picture appearing on the internet twindle on knobs and projecting large images on a screen. It appears that by some freaky act of a nature i had become a conduit for the weird out of this world Vj Psycho Monkey.

So in my day time i am happy promoting the heck out of rb but by night i become possessed by the Vj. Some say i have become crazy but i no longer listen to John Lennon or Jim Morrison.

So if you got any ideas or would like us to get involved with selling your stuff or supporting any extra promoting opportunties then give me an email.

Keep on rockin in an over commercialised world of pre manufactured pop rejects.

Big Jim

P/S i also orginise pub and charity quizes so keep an eye on the events pages for a mental work out to go with your audio fix. What a Face

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