All for Chairty Mate

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All for Chairty Mate

Post by bigjim on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:01 pm

Wow just recovering from another charity event, last night at the o2 in Londion was childline rocks 2009.

So i donned my best black t-shirt denim jeans and white trainers and joined the other over thirty year old vetrans of rock to have a night out, not the usually RB Affair but i have to say a really good night, the line up looked like a prog rock night of oldies doing it for the kids. And most of you crazy kats will have never heard of half of them however it was a great cause and a great little monday night out i gotta to see Sons of Albion - Uriah Heep - Thunder - Justin Hawkins new band Hot Leg - John Lord (Deep Purple) - Glen Hodges (Deep Purple) Steve Balasomo - Steve Harley and some hella of improtu mixed band mayhem with all of them taking the time to come outta of the back stage and mingle with us meer mortles in the crowd and more than one occasion i found myself stood next door to the lead singers and drummers. fo the bands.

So that was my rock contrubution role on the breaks charity gigs.

Just a Twisted Evil little insight to the lentghs we will go at RB to really support the alternative music scene and chairtyable people we really Twisted Evil are.

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